Guard Dog Training

Guard dogs, also known as watchdogs, are often trained to protect your family and property. Contrary to other people’s opinions, guard dogs do not necessarily need to attack. Guard dog training often involves teaching them non-confrontational skills, which includes detecting a suspicious stranger and alerting the owner.

Besides, there are some breeds most preferred for this task such as the German shepherd and small breeds, including the chow. Therefore, the following are some of the things involved while training your dog.

Often, you will need to teach your dog basic obedience. They should sit, stand and run when instructed. Then, you need to socialize your dog to make it fearless in new or unusual situations. The dog also needs to realize what a normal pedestrian look like and be able to differentiate them from a suspicious one.

Also, you should teach the dog when to bark, defend, and when to back off. He must be willing to protect you and also to leave the person, especially if they mean no danger to you.

Lastly, it is essential to note that if your dog doesn’t respond to your training, you need to consider it as a personal protection dog and select another breed.


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